introducing mens track

introducing mens track

tastelifeuk is starting a brand new mens online community course. Created for men, run by men. 

The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people struggling with eating disorders. Over 4 million people are thought to be suffering and a quarter of that number is suggested to be men. However, recent studies suggest that only one in ten men who suffer from an eating disorder are likely to get help. It has become apparent, that whilst it is more culturally acceptable for women to battle with food, too many men are going undetected and overlooked. 

In the past year spotlighted men in the media have revealed that men suffering with an eating disorder is more frequent then our society speaks of. Freddie Flintoff opened up through a BBC documentary, Freddie Flintoff: Living with Bulimia about his 20 year battle with an eating disorder. Singer-songwriter Zayn Malik also revealed he struggled as well as Russell Brand, Gok wan and others. The good news is that the doors of awareness are beginning to creak open. However, a lot of work has to be done in order change the imprinted expectations and societal beliefs and to help those who desperately need it

The idea at tastelife is to cultivate a culture in which men feel safe to ask for help, explore the emotions and thoughts around eating disorders and ultimately live in complete freedom. To feel unashamed to reach out to a space that respects and highlights the vital importance of men getting help with their mental health. Therefore, the course will be run for men by men. 

Many of the tastelife community courses are predominantly women. After seeing a consistent decrease in men completing the tastelife course, it was decided that there needed to be a men only option for those who want it. Therefore, this year they are aiming to introduce a brand new mens only supportive and educational course to support men who are struggling with an eating disorder. 

For 8 years now tastelife has been training people to run an 8 week community course that equips both sufferers and supporters to take the relevant baby steps to a full recovery from eating disorders. The course has seen amazing results through the years with many people being transformed in their relationship with food.  They also supply resources to schools, youth groups and more recently the corporate world. Their mission is to see eating disorders eradicated and people set free from the lies and chains that eating disorders spread. 

Since the pandemic, face to face courses  shut down across the country and the team took on the same challenge as the rest of the world. To get to grips with running online as quickly and smoothly as possible. Their online response was remarkable. Participants who would have not before joined a course felt comfortable to attend from the comfort of their own home. 

However, the numbers on the waiting list have increased and tastelife needs willing men to train at one of their weekend training events. To learn how to facilitate a community course, helping other men break free from the grips of unhealthy relationships with food. No experience or is necessary, just a passion to see men set free and a caring attitude towards others. The next training is the 6th – 8th May and will be a face to face residential weekend.

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