The Big Give 2020 – We did it together!

The Big Give 2020 – We did it together!

£20,000 raised in a weekknow the facts  for tastelife…thank you!

The Big Give Christmas challenge came round once again this December, and as a charity we decided to take a leap of faith and aimed to raise a whopping £20,000 for tastelife – rather a bold leap from £5,000 last year.

However… together with you, we did it! £20,000 raised in a week from generous donors and heroic pledgers. It has been the most uplifting week for us at tastelife to see our incredible community get together and raise such a mind-blowing amount. A Christmas miracle you could even say!

It has been such a difficult year for everyone as we have watched COVID-19 take over our lives and dominate our communities. Sadly, eating disorder statistics have risen throughout this year. Mental health in our nation has plummeted and right now tastelife is needed more than ever. We need more courses running across the country, we need more leaders, more access into schools and youth groups to spread the message of hope that tastelife offers. We will use these Big Give funds to expand our services and take help and awareness to many more people – with the potential for more of them to be set free from eating disorders, or avoid them altogether.

So THANK YOU. We simply cannot thank each donor enough. This is such a testament to the strength in community. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We hope that you and your family have the most restful and joy-filled Christmas season. If you are a supporter or a sufferer from eating disorders, we have a Christmas campaign running across our social media platforms, so do follow us for helpful tips and advice to surviving the Christmas season well with eating disorders, or see here.

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