Signs and symptoms

Eating behaviour associated with eating disorders

It is not for us to tell you if you are struggling with eating disorder symptoms, but you might want to explore further if you:

  • Are finding yourself not wanting to eat, or wanting to eat and then be sick afterwards, or wanting to eat a lot of food, often in a binge (or any combination of these)
  • Are extremely picky about the food you will eat
  • Are thinking about food most of the time – whether you eat a lot or a little
  • Are using laxatives because you think they will stop you getting fat
  • Feel like you can’t change your food behaviour easily
  • Feel like your food behaviour helps you to cope with life
  • Have lost a lot of weight – or put on a lot of weight
  • Judge yourself by the numbers on the scales

These are some typical eating disorder symptoms, but we are all different, of course. If you are at all worried, then the thing to do is talk to someone! It could be the first step you take towards recovery. Talk to a trusted friend, or your doctor. See if there is a tastelife course near you here.

We at tastelife have seen many people get their lives back, baby step by baby step.

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