Don’t know how to help? Can’t imagine ever being free of the eating disorder?

Send for our booklets, created to help.

‘I think every parent or friend of someone with an eating disorder should have this great resource’

‘If only I had had this when our daughter became ill with bulimia … as it was, no one had any ideas to help us’


Cost: – if you would give us a donation of £3 per booklet to cover printing and postage, we can get help to more people. Tell us where to send your booklet here. Donate here.

Do’s and Don’ts for carers

Written by parents and friends who have been there and want to share some great ideas.

Top tips

Written by sufferers of all types of eating disorders, who are well on the road to recovery, or completely recovered.


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Our favourite resources from other people:

First steps out of eating disorders, Dr Kate Middleton, Jane Smith (Lion Hudson, 2010)

Insight into eating disorders, Helena Wilkinson (CWR, 2012)

Living with a black dog, Matthew and Ainsley Johnstone (Robinson, 2009)

Goodbye Ed, Hello Me, Jenni Schaefer (McGraw-Hill Education; 1st edition, 2009)

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