tastelife Youth Track

What’s included in Youth Track?

Should you prefer a digital copy of tastelife Youth Track, a download is available at request.

For a one-off price of £50, the Youth Track USB contains:

  • 3 detailed session plans for facilitators

  • 3 PowerPoint presentations with accompanying video content

  • Real life story of eating disorder and recovery

  • Facilitators’ tutorial

  • High-quality worksheets and handouts for all sessions

  • Certificates of attendance for all participants

Watch the video below to find out more about tastelife Youth Track! 

Please note that YouTube puts a warning message and age restriction on this video as it mentions the term ‘eating disorders’. All of the content is appropriate and suitable for all ages. Hover over the video, click “Watch on YouTube” and then click “I understand and wish to proceed” to access the video content. 

Find our Youth Track Promotional Leaflet here

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Any questions or comments? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at youth@tastelifeuk.org

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