Continuing with Covid

Continuing with Covid

The good news is that we have taken the tastelife COMMUNITY COURSE ONLINE – join us there, and pass the word on. While everyone has their own challenges to face, we want to walk together with those of us whose eating disorder issues make coping with Covid even harder. See the dates above, and get in touch.

If you feel ready to help others, then join our ONLINE TRAINING this June – make the tastelife difference to life for many, now and into the new normal, whatever it holds.

Remember our TIPS FOR SURVIVAL too – and tell us yours. We love to hear from you, so that we can add more great ideas. One step at a time, everyone.

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  • Jane Bishop Posted July 23, 2020 12:39 pm

    Hello, I’m getting in touch to find out if and when there will be another online course. I work in a voluntary capacity at my church as a biblical counselor and also have 3 close friends who I am helping whose children (young adults) have eating disorders.
    I realise the course may be for those suffering eating disorders but if there is any opportunity to join in I would be very interested.
    Thankyou for all you are doing.

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