What is Food, Feelings and Faith?

Food, Feelings and Faith is a preventative resource, which equips young people between the ages of 11-18 with a healthy knowledge around what eating disorders are, how to prevent them and how to help those struggling with one, all in the context of faith in God. Packed with activities, video content, group discussions and individual reflections, it is highly interactive and thought-provoking whilst remaining sensitive to the subject matter.

Food, Feelings and Faith is a resource that has been adapted to work in any Christian context, such as church youth groups and Christian schools. The three interactive sessions have reflections and time for prayer built in, meaning that all content is delivered through the lens of the Christian faith.

The preventative nature of the Food, Feelings and Faith resource addresses the need to educate young people about eating disorders, which so often begin in adolescence. Young people of this generation are facing unique pressures and are falling easy victim to what is becoming a hidden epidemic. Food, Feelings and Faith is an innovative way to enable all youth leaders tackle this so-often taboo topic with confidence, so that young people can be more mentally healthy and know that they are precious and loved by God.

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Food, Feelings and Faith can be used within faith schools as a part of the PSHE curriculum, as a 1-1 resource or as an extra-curricular group.

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