Have fun and FUNdraise for tastelife!

We want tastelife to get more help to more people – so we need you.

If you want to raise money, you might fancy getting creative. We say: GO FOR IT!

We have made some suggestions below, but you can be as creative as you want to be. We would LOVE to hear your ideas and endeavours, please let us know how we can support you and spread the word!

  • Sponsored/challenge event around something you enjoy; a physical activity, baking, reading, sponsored silence, going without social media for a week, the list goes on!
  • Skittles evening
  • Auction of promises or items
  • Sales, raffles
  • Coffee or tea parties
  • Alternative special occasion gift
Who else can you get involved to support or take part with you?
Be sure to spread the word and make sure you tag us in any photos on social media!

Set up your own personal fundraising page!

Get those creative juices flowing, set up a Just Giving page and tell us all about it; we love hearing your stories and why you chose to support tastelife.

Set up your Just Giving page here:

Good at selling?

Have you thought about having a rummage around with the aim of helping tastelife? From garage sales to eBay, get a buzz from making a sale to help tastelife’s vital work.

And if you are super keen, we have quality tastelife merchandise you can order with a view to putting your selling and negotiation skills into practice!

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