Have fun and fundraise for tastelife

We want tastelife to get more help to more people – so we need you.

If you are up for some creative fundraising, the more imaginative the better, then we want to hear from you!

Set up your just giving page here

It’s easy
  • Decide on a hair-brained scheme (or something classy?) and who you are going to do it with?
  • Find other ways for people to give to you here. Remember Gift Aid!
  • Ask us for our logo for printing on T-shirts etc, and other promotional products contact us
  • Spread the word your way – e.g. sponsorship forms, Facebook, twitter etc and on tastelifeuk Facebook
  • Go for it!
  • Get those photos online and join our stars gallery
  • Sponsored events like running/walking/silence?!/Wolf Run/something you enjoy
  • Skittle evenings
  • Auction of promises or items
  • Sales, raffles
  • Coffee or tea parties
Good at selling?

We have quality pens and keyrings you can order – and now: fabulous lidded cups for hot or cold drinks. Perfect for camping, work, and play.

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