Can I recover?

Yes, yes and yes! We believe it and have seen it. There is always hope.

On the tastelife course you will hear stories from many people who have walked out of their eating behaviour step by step.

Recovery is:
  • Being fully engaged with life – tasting life again
  • Normal eating patterns
  • Liking and loving yourself
What does recovery involve?
  • It takes patience. It’s about progress and learning some new ways of being.
  • Admit there is a problem and make the decision to change, one step at a time. Only you can do this.
  • Accept you are unlikely to recover on your own, and then find support. Get help from your GP – CBT or anti-depressants may help, and blood tests to check you are not at immediate risk.
  • Find some one-to-one time – counselling, a trusted person, and support from family and friends.
  • Come on a tastelife course.
  • If you have a faith, use the services on offer.
  • Understand and come to terms with the past, as much as possible.
  • Challenge your thoughts and beliefs, because some of them will not be true.
  • Choose life – get involved again. Do things you love doing, that make you feel alive and happy.
  • Revive old friendships and make new ones.
  • It is possible to break free. Others have.

Some top tips from others who have recovered

Someone to talk to

Identify a friend or family member you can contact at any time, with whom there is total honesty. Let them challenge you and reassure you that they will stand by you anyway.

Fill your life with good things

Fill your life with good things. This will help to stop you thinking about food all the time. The more you experience, the more you will realise that life is worth living.

Keep a record of your progress

Keep a recovery journal. Write down positive thoughts and why you want to get better. If you have a bad day, try to identify the trigger points and jot these down too.

A smile file will break the spell of bad moments

Make a smile file. Put a few things in that can help you feel better: like thank you cards, family photos, funny cartoons, treasured emails or texts. Keep it accessible.

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