EDAW 2021

EDAW 2021

Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2021

It’s eating disorder awareness week 2021! At tastelife we spend day to day and week to week helping people who struggle with eating disorders. For us, every week is EDAW but we especially want to use this week to help raise awareness for those who are battling, to extend our community and to take a look at how you can get involved.

There is a focus this week on Binge Eating Disorder or BED. The most common eating disorder yet the most unspoken one. Anyone who has struggled will know how hopeless it can feel to be in a battle with binge eating. We are filling this week with stories of freedom and of hope. Follow us on social media platforms to see testimonies of hope from our tastelife community, total freedom is possible!

We also want to help you get involved with tastelife this week, why not take a look at different creative ways you could help. We need regular donators we call chain breakers to help us raise funds to get the tastelife course out further and wider across the nation. To be able to fund and train more leaders and get more courses up and running in communities. We need fundraisers who can come up with creative and fun ways to raise money for tastelife.  We need more people willing to train to become tastelife leaders and ambassadors, reaching people in their community who are struggling. Could you help?

Finally, for the rest of this week our incredible Youth Track programme is on offer for £49 on a USB stick (usually £60) if you work in a school or youth group why not get the preventative and truth filled programme up and running? Helping the next generation live in freedom from the grips of eating disorders. Offer expires the 7th March!

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