tastelife mentioned in House of Lords debate

tastelife mentioned in House of Lords debate

This week we have been thrilled to have had our first mention in Parliament! A debate on Tuesday 4th February raised by Baroness Kate Parminter brought to light the painful discrepancy between the scale of care needed for those with eating disorders, and the capacity for provision as it stands.

She comments:

“While there is much more to do to improve the lives of sufferers of these diseases, there is much to be thankful for: the staff who care and battle on despite the workforce shortages and resource limitations; voluntary organisations, such as Beat and TasteLife; the families and carers who may rage in private but refuse to give up on their loved ones…”

We’re so grateful to Baroness Parminter, who speaks both from her own experience as a mother supporting her daughter, and as a significant voice where influence is needed.

It is clear to see that there is a way to go – so let’s keep doing what we’re doing!

Watch Baroness Parminter’s full speech here.

Alternatively read the transcript of the whole debate, including her speech, here.


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