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Designed to work within a PSHE context, the three hour-long sessions are accessible for any teacher to deliver, and any student to engage with. It’s suited best for those aged between 11-14 at KS3 but can be adapted to suit older secondary-age pupils. Meeting the PSHE Association’s 10 Principles of Effective Education, as well as covering a range of objectives within its programme of study, this resource enables teachers to deliver relevant, forward-facing sessions that would complement a whole-school approach to PSHE.

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Youth Track is a ready-to-teach, comprehensive module of three one-hour sessions on Understanding Eating Disorders.

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Knowing that eating disorders often begin during adolescence, this material reaches the most vulnerable. We recognise that teachers throughout secondary schools are consistently asked to take on pastoral topics, often without prior training. This resource provides you with the means and confidence to engage with this difficult subject in a healthy way. Eating disorders are present in every school, and need to be addressed by every school.

Session Objectives

  • To enable young people to make the link between food and feelings in their own experiences

  • To enable young people to recognise the things in everyday life that shape self-image and perceptions of what is ‘normal’

  • To explore why the link between food and feelings can become a problem that affects health and participation in everyday life

  • To learn about eating disorders and understand the different types of eating disorder

  • To know how to get help for self and others

  • To ensure students are aware that it is possible to avoid eating disorders

  • To ensure students are aware that it is possible to recover from eating disorders

  • To make sure students know how they can find help for themselves and others, and how to prevent eating disorders from happening



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